Daniel Yomtobian

Daniel Yomtobian - Early Start

While Daniel Yomtobian experienced financial hardships and times of tribulation in his earlier days, he learned how to apply oneself by working alongside his father at his printing store during the summer months. With a strong interest in sports and physical fitness, Daniel was involved in karate and soccer when he was an adolescent and was also a member of the football team for two years while in high school. While he enjoyed being involved in extra-curricular activities, at the age of fifteen he decided to take a job at a local grocery store bagging groceries in order to produce an income. As a result, he simultaneously worked at night while attending high school during the day.

Danny Yomtobian had an inherent hunger for success early in his life. Daniel's mother bought him his first computer when he was in high school and he began focusing his energy on educating himself about computers and the newly emerging Internet.


At around the time Daniel was completing high school his father was beginning to get involved in domain name investments on the Internet. Meanwhile, the young Daniel Yomtobian was continuing to work as a box-boy while enhancing his computing learning skills.

Daniel Yomtobian
Daniel Yomtobian Early Start
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