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The rationale behind the inception of ABC : The concept of ABCSearch was to offer advertisers the most cost-effective way to drive targeted customer leads to their websites. ABCSearch is one of the Web's fastest growing suppliers of cost-per-click advertising. They offer their clients flexible bidding, geo-targeting, and proprietary click-fraud prevention in a network that handles over two billion searches per month.

ABCSearch permits advertisers to choose appropriate keywords while selecting the actual amount they wish to pay when consumers click on their listings. Site listings on ABCSearch are ranked and determined according to the highest bidders. This way, advertisers have the capacity to control their ad placement.

The ABC's of Search… ABCSearch continues to offer their services in their finest form. Mel Strocen, CEO of Jayde Online, Inc., which is the parent company of Exactseek stated, "We were approached with partnership offers by numerous pay-per-click engines, but none showed the vision and flexibility demonstrated by ABCSearch in entertaining the concept of 'mixed model' advertising."

The partnership that was created between ABCSearch and Exactseek in July, 2005 has provided promising growth and opportunities for ABCSearch. Daniel Yomtobian revealed, "Exactseek and ABCSearch both offer unique advertising platforms that don't overlap each other, which makes this such an exciting partnership." He further stated, "I am thrilled about our strategic partnership, working together with ExactSeek's network of search engines will help widen our reach and audience building a larger footprint for us in the competitive search marketplace."

Currently, ABCSearch connects thousands of advertisers with millions of consumers. The partner program on ABCSearch is dedicated to creating a steady income stream for website owners and to maximize revenue potentials, which helps display ABCSearch's sponsored listings. Daniel has plans to expand the network of quality distribution channels, build out a steady advertiser base, and also to launch their new software 'Adentify'.

'Adentify' Software connects advertisers with ABCSearch's network of content publishers. It's a revenue generation model for the advertiser, the publisher, and the search engine. Adentify enables website publishers of various sizes to display relevant ads that correspond with the search of the visitor.

Advertisers have the ability to target consumers by displaying their ads across ABCSearch's network of content publishers. Content publishers earn revenue by displaying ABCSearch's text-ads on their websites. Every time ABCSearch's text ads are displayed, their system automatically generates ads which are relevant to the site's content that the user is currently viewing. Adentify software was developed using artificial intelligence (AI) technology to automatically recognize the content of a web page accurately and in real-time without the need for human interaction.

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